Bowen house project

Dan Behm has purchased the Bowen house, and plans to appropriately concert it into a four unit apartment house. The KHPC has some say over the external appearance of the house. Alas, little information exists about the original appearance of the house. No living members of the family exist any long that could say what the original exterior color(s) was (were). The question of whether to paint any the external brick came up. Otherwise, the generic statement that most old farmhouses were white is about all that is known now.

Internally, the KHPC has no say. It is clear that a series of owners following the exit of Cora Bowen have already modified the interior in various ways, including selling a fireplace mantle. Perhaps Ray Boisvenue knows what the interior originally looked like, since he knew the Bowens, and was in the house when it was still occupied by Cora at least.

The undated photographs below show the house at various times. Whether the colors shown are orginal is not is unknown.

Left click on the images below for larger versions.